Center one plugin from leapwing audio crashes wl

I have tried everything but if I save a preset with Center One from Leapwing audio in the preset and I try and reopen the preset it crashes WL. I have written Leapwing but so far NO REPLY. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Have you a workaround? Thanks in advance!!!

Is this in the current updated version of 12?

Yes the most updated version of WL 12

Well a close friend of mine had the same issue with a non leapwing plugin. Bizarrely, it was filling a temp file folder until it crashes the plugin and (as in your case) reloading the chain crashed WL. Simply emptying the folder ‘cures’ the issue. I mention this because it sounds like a similar issue.

It apparently did not do this before the current update.

How do I check for that? THANKS for the heads up…

I am not sure which Temp folder it was and my friend is in a different time zone. My best guess would be the system temp folder sub-folder. For example, one sub-folder in mine is full of $$ files from something.