Center View.. always an issue in nuendo


Since… ever i’m always looking for things in Nuendo. Waste a lot of time on zoom and scroll. Why isn’t the view adapted and thought for the user ?
N12 was claiming to enhance the view… well I see it all the same with N11.
Lots of exemples :

when you select a marker the cursor goes to it, the view now centers on this marker. Why center ? why not 1/3 on the left so you can see what happens after the marker but still have an idea of what came before. because 80% of the time you will work on what comes after (and if not why not a pref settings focus =center, 1/3left, or 1/3right if people work on whoosh and rises.)
Scroll to selected tracks
in the mixer, selecting a track will result in this track being displayed on the hard left or right. Who wants that ? you need to see tracks around 90% of the time so in this case let’s dead center the view on this track.
Stationary cursor :
same… why waste half of the screen with what happened… we want to see what is coming to anticipate. so why have the cursor in the middle of the screen ? It’s even worse using the lowerzone because on the main view if the cursor is in the middle, in the lowerzone it’s almost to the right making it hard to see what is coming (because of the track names and buttons taking space on the main view above)
Lower zone and grid editor.
This is the worst one and already addressed so many time on the forum.
you select an event, click edit or open the lower zone and you see… nothing.
because the view is by default all the way to the top why ??? at least if a default display is on each time why not C3 ? so each time I have to clean cc lanes and scroll down… then i work. And each time you open an editor, each time you will do that (no recall per event.)
Not to mention that using the scroll up down result in bumps and steps where other software are fluid and it never really ends up where you would like it

This is very frustrating.
Some updates like atmos or whatever new tools is for some and not others. But something like this would benefit everyone…


yes, please! +1

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