Centered arrow, custom playing techniques symbols


Why the arrows are not centered with these custom playings techniques? They are centered if I’m using default symbols…

Thanks for your help!

PS : what I did to achieve the second symbol is that I put two smaller black rectangles inside the white one.

I suspect it’s the alignment setting for the line relative to the playing technique, see the description of options on the Continuation tab described here.

Well done! That worked! :slight_smile:

I have another question! If I have a custom playing technique that is mix of a glyph and text, can it be aligned to the left instead of being centered on the note?

You for sure could use only the symbol and add the text as a suffix, though only to the right of the symbol, not below.

Yes, that could work!

If I understand correctly, the playing technique as a glyph/symbol is by default centered above the note while a playing technique as text is by default aligned to the left and that cannot be changed. When we add text in the glyph editor, it is considered as a symbol and not as text.

exactly, because semantically, to Dorico you are just adding vector graphics which happen to look like text. Having symbols centered over noteheads is definitley the standard.

Actually, I would even say that in your case, the text is just the explanation of the symbol (correct me if I am wrong), and probably only needs to be explained the first few times in a score. So the suffix is even preferable, since you can apply it only to the first few times this PT appears, and you don’t need to create two versions of the PT.

Not quite exactly! But it’s fine : having the text right after the symbol is not a big deal
Thanks for your help!