Centered Beam

Hi everyone,

My apologies if this has been answered before, but I was unable to find it with the search function. I am trying to reproduce the measure in pic1. So far, all I can do is pic2. The wrong stem on note 4 seems to have to do with its pitch (a1 and lower will produce the correct result). Am I missing something?

Welcome to the forum, MarioA.

You can’t currently achieve this result in Dorico because it requires a larger interval (if memory serves, an octave or close to it) between the closest notes on the opposite sides of the beam. It has been requested before that we should relax this requirement, and that is indeed on our backlog for future versions.

For what it’s worth, (and no doubt there is more than one school of thought on this…) unless you are trying to create a modern facsimile for archiving purposes, I’d abandon that convention anyway. I LOVE early music (I’m an organist so I have plenty of it in my repertoire) however this is not a currently used convention and I know that many modern musicians have difficulty reading scores produced in this way. There are certain old engravings of Bach that are borderline tedious to trudge through because he uses a lot of dense lines like this. The modern convention is much easier to read and you are still faithful to the music. All of that aside, perhaps you are indeed trying to create a “facsimile” in which case my opinion is moot.

the centered beam does use the space more effciently (so the staves can stay closer), and in my eyes it looks quite balanced.