centering beams between staves on one system

I’ve gotten fairly good at beaming things but I can’t figure this one out. I would like the beams between the staves as shown in about the middle of the system, but when I try that the stems don’t reverse. I tried force centered beam but it didn’t do anything in this situation.

Rather than trying to do it by moving the beams, move the notes using N to cross to the staff above and M to cross to the staff below. Dorico should produce a beam between the staves automatically if the stems of the notes in the beamed group naturally differ, so you should do Reset Beaming now to make sure that you haven’t got anything forced.

marimex…zip (153 KB)

I’m afraid that didn’t work, trying reset beaming then various combinations of placing the note I want on the upper staff as part of a dyad the pressing m to make it cross to the lower staff which wouldn’t flip the beams. It works if single selected notes are selected but not if I want a chord lined up with a beamed note in the middle of the group on a different staff. I’ve attached both an example of how I want this to look from Sib highlighted in yellow and a short dorico ex of where I want the beams centered (first 3 groups) and can’t get it.


I’m afraid you can’t have a single stem with notes on both staves and a beam between the staves in Dorico at present. A single stem can only point in one direction from a beam.

Ok thanks Daniel. Maybe I’ll be able to find some workaround.