Centering Tabs

Is is possible to center the tabs across the top of each window? I find myself constantly facing the left side of my screen. It would be really great to have tabs , and spotlighted windows, in the center of the screen or current window.
User choice: Left - Center - Right


Not sure what you mean. WaveLab uses the same “convention” as all tab-based applications.

Thanks PG1.
Seems pretty clear to me, however, centering tabs in the respective windows, instead of populating from left to right. Nuendo and Wavelab suffer from poor ergonomics. Tabs of related items are far across the screen from each other. It takes extra time, and more importantly, attention away from the creative side of the brain to to the logical side of the brain. When the pendulum has to swing back and forth between left and right so often in a creative/technical endeavor, the result is neither as technical nor as creative as it could be. In my opinion, Steinberg could lead the DAW world with an attention to simplicity and design, with intent to keep artists and engineers focused on the task at hand. It seems that most DAWs are tying to impress with added features, making each software so bloated, it becomes hard to work with. Industry wide. User experience is overlooked, and the UI just keeps getting patched and band-aided. Not only does that make audio production slower, and again, affected by the pendulum, It keeps new potential users from wanting to convert.
For example, Nuendo has one set of terminology, key commands, behavior etc. Wavelab completely different. I know the genesis of the acquisition, so please move past that as a response…Yes, Wavelab started as another company. but now Steinberg owns them.
Steinberg should be wanting more people to adopt their full software by streamlining the use. Not slowing down, and confusing users by using different everything in workflow.