Central webpage for all cubase demo projects is missing

Hi and happy new year.

Steinies … I am missing a link to the new demo project on the download page of Cubase 9 and 9.5.
I got the new demo project simply “by occasion” via “Steinberg Download Assistent”.

Proposal: why not ONE central webpage with all available Cubase demo projects and download links ?!

That would be much easier

  1. for users to find them all quickly i.e. as source for inspiration what you can do with Cubase
  2. for Steinberg Webadmins as
    a) such a central webpage for demo projects is much easier to be maintained
    b) each product download page would only require a standard information, where to find all demo projects.


They’re usually fun to poke around in as they have new feature highlighted and they work “NOW”, not after half an hour of me scratching my head haha!
I just saw I don’t have one for Cubase 9.0, and on the C9.0.x update page I found there is no project at the bottom so … where do I find it? Or mayb there is no project for C9.0? :astonished: