Centred rests

Feature request. I know it goes totally against the architecture and stated philosophy of Dorico concerning rests, but it would be great if we could centre rests, and for that matter. move them to where we want in a bar.

[Forgive me if I have stated this wish before. It’s come up again as I have hundreds of these in the present score, and in context, it would look better as per the MS.]

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Just out of curiosity, are these examples images of the composer’s autograph score, a special Dorico output you have crafted, or a Lilypond image?

Surely you can already move them in Engrave mode?

Has never worked for me. Let me try that again now. Can you move them to sit on a barline? I didn’t think so.

Apparently yes…

@Janus Thanks! After all this time now I can move them. I don’t know what I was doing wrong before.

But now the FR still stands, in a more refined form. I have hundreds of rests that need centering in a bar and longer ones that need centering over several bars. It would be great to have a property to center a rest in a specified span.