Centro semibreve 4/4 note in staff

Good eveninivg
Sorry for my english!

I have Two important question:

  1. Howard can I centrate the semibreve note 4/4 in a staff?

  2. How can I put the chord symbol position under the staff

Thank You very much!

  1. Dorico doesn’t have the ability to centre a whole note or semibreve in the middle of the bar, but you can do this yourself in Engrave mode using the Note Spacing tools. See this video.

  2. There’s no option to show chord symbols below a single-staff instrument, but if you want to show chord symbols between the two staves of a piano, you can do that via the option on the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options.

Thank You very much for the answers.

I know this mode.

Is possible automatically select all semibreve note in Engrave mode or in Write mode?

Thank You!

Unfortunately not at the moment, though we do plan to add a feature to filter notes by their duration in due course.

Thank You very much! I hope in a next update