Certain combinations of rhythm and lyric extender prevent staff hiding?

See image below, test project attached.

This is happening a fair bit in a big project I’m doing, some combinations of lyric and rhythm will prevent later staves hiding…

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong?

Any help gratefully received!

Test.dorico (567.1 KB)

Hi Ed, What can happen is a lyric will “think” it lasts a lot longer than the extender line suggests. I can’t remember off the top of my head what sequence of steps leads to this but a quick way to tidy up is to input an extra note immediately after the last actual note you want the lyric to extend to (in your example, on beat 3), then select the last lyric, press Return to bring up the lyrics popover, then Space to extend it back to its last note. Don’t extend beyond the temporary note - press Esc when you get to it. Then delete the temporary note. That way, the lyric’s rhythmic duration doesn’t extend infinitely beyond the real final note.

Ahhh brilliant, that works perfectly! Thanks Lillie