Certain Key-Commands unavailable?

Im trying to assign key-commands, but some commands refuse to work.
For example shift-alt-j i can ipnput it in doricos key-commands, but it won’t react when that shortcut is pressed.
Any ideas, whats wrong with it?
I’m using OSX…

What function are you trying to assign it to, and which mode are you trying to use the function in?

Thanks for helping - and a happy new year!

The function i try to assign is “Expand selection to right” - (i use the german version, so i dont know the exact english name for that function)
I already assignet Shift+Alt+h for Expand selection to left - wichich works fine.

Hmm. There are quite a few factory key commands that don’t actually show up in the Preferences > Key Commands dialog, but Shift-Alt-J isn’t assigned to any of them (in either the factory English or German keycommand sets).

Can you get that function to work if you assign a different key command to it?
What happens if you assign Shift-Alt-J to a different function?

i can apply another shortcut for that function and it worls.
i cannot apply another function to that shortcut. seems that shortcut is unavailable, but i don’t see why

There’s the odd dead key, and much of the time it’s down to a bug in Qt, the framework that Dorico’s built on. Google isn’t bringing anything up but it may be specific to German keyboard layouts.

edit: Notation Express uses Shift-Alt-J for Percussion Maps on both Mac and Windows, so at least on English keyboards it’s a working combination. Is it possible you’re running another program in the background that is using Shift-Alt-J as a global hotkey?

will check on that! thank you!!

I FOUND IT. The Keyboard Layout was set to “standard”, i had to change it to “german” and now it works. Thanks again for helping!