Certain Mp3 Audio File Crashes Cubase when Drag Drop to GAO

I have an Mp3 file that crashes Cubase 6 when I drag and drop into Groove Agent ONE. I tried another Mp3 file and it worked.

Why do some files work and some don’t? :nerd:

I use Mac 10.6.8 by the way.

  1. There may be something wrong with that single MP3 file.
  2. There may be a bug in Cubase / Groove agent.
    How about if you import it to project (not GA1), the export it as wave and import the wave to GA1?

thanks jarno for the comment!

it was that one file only that was corrupted.

at first i thought it was the bitrate sample rate… but this was identical with all songs that were able to play so wans’t the problem.