Certain Native Instruments plugins steal keyboard focus

In Cubase 12 - when tweaking or even touching some NI plugin (REPLIKA, RAUM… not all of them) the computer’s keyboard stop responding.
When in Generic Editor, it works fine.
My FaderPort also works.

It it only the keyboard not responding, or also Cubase UI freezing/stuttering ?

Cubase is not freezing.
If you’re let’s say playing, it will keep on playing and won’t stop, rewind, Fforward and so on…
When u click anywhere in the project, the kbrd is back to normal.

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Yes, I can confirm. Some Native Instruments plugins behave weirdly. There are some that catch all keyboard input, at least in windows it’s the case, I had this with windows 10 and now 11.

You could tag your post as ‘issue’ and maybe someone will look into it.
But I would not hope for much, the answer would probably be it’s on Native Instruments to fix this, while they might respond it’s not the case in every DAW so not their fault either.

I have windows 10. Maybe it’s a Windows issue…?
When I was working with Cubase 11 I had windows 7 and it was working just fine.
I switched to Cubase 12 together with windows 10…

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I have the same problem for quite some time.
I don’t remember if it started with the latest NI updates or Cubase updates, but it’s definitely one of them that triggered this behaviour. I never had this issue before, and I’ve been working with Cubase and NI for many years.

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Yes I can confirm that. Some of the NI plugins stealing the focus from the keyboard and it’s very annoying.

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