Certain projects (.cpr files) stop loading midway in Cubase Elements 10.5

Hi guys,
A few of my project files (.cpr) start loading, pauses for a while and then crash suddenly. This is the case with only a handful of projects. I can still access the majority of my projects. The projects that are crashing aren’t the biggest files, sizewise. This problem originally persisted with Cubase Elements 10, so I upgraded to 10.5, didn’t help. I tried opening the files in Safe mode, tried accessing the .BAK versions of it, updated the Elicenser, the Display Driver, deleted all my plugins to see if they were causing the issue, cleared out space on my system, renamed and moved the files to a different location, nothing helped. I’m attaching the latest crash dump file. I can also send the .cpr files if anybody would be kind enough to take a look and see if it opens in their system, or what the issue might be. I’d be eternally grateful for that. Any advice will be appreciated.
Cubase Elements 64bit 2020.3.30 (1.4 MB)

Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately there is only one line in the Stack_Text:


Nothing to do with Cubase.