Certain track faders have no effect

Forgive me if this is a newbe question.

I have imported audio tracks from Dorico. The faders work on all the instrumental tracks, but the faders have no effect on the vocal audio tracks generated via EmVoice during the Dorico audio export.

Can anyone explain why and anything I can do to remedy the situation. My primary purpose bringing the file into Cubase 12 Pro was to add dynamics to the vocal tracks.

Muting the tracks has no effect either, but the tracks appear to be straight audio tracks, not tracks still being fed through the EmVoice engine.

Many thanks in advance.


Would you be willing to share the project (just with the one Audio Track; you can even make a test project with other audio)? I would like to have a look at it.

Isn’t there automation involved by any chance?

Or even just post some screenshots of what is & isn’t working.

After exploring more (while trying to create an excerpt to post) I found that EmVoice (which is not ideally configured to work with Dorico, I admit) was adding its sound to every other Player’s audio track exported. My only option was to copy the file and remove EmVoice entirely to export the accompanying instruments, and then to export the EmVoice tracks (alone) separately.

Sadly even though Emvoice directs its output to specific mixer channels, it cannot yet direct its audio export to a specific audio output stream.

We had an electrical outage here earlier today or I could have responded sooner. Thanks to all who responded.