Certain vst automation only stepped (ramp broken)


When an m12 filter (arturia) is inserted on a track and i want to draw automation lines specifically for Filter A and Filter B cutoff, it only produces stepped automation between nodes… (no ramps)

After conferring with arturia - their support believes that it is a cubase bug…
(Which would be weird , but… eh shrug)

Can anybody (who has the m12 filter) test this scenario please?
(Draw automation lines in a tracks automation lane for Filter A cutoff and Filter B cutoff)

Does it work for you?

Is this a cubase bug or does arturia need to look more closely?



Could be similar issue …


Yes, sounds like its in the same ballpark…

Thx for your help, ed:)

Have you ever figured out a solution to this?
I just got Arturia’s FX pack and encountered the same automation “feature” with M12. I can of course manually write all automation, but it’s clearly not how it’s supposed to be.