Certain VST plug ins work GREAT in WL 10 but NOT in WL 11

They cause WL 11 to stop working. Is there a cache or something that has to be cleared in WL 11? or something I need to do differently? The plugins are from Sonible and FAB. Thanks in advance…

I infrequently use a Sonible Smart Limit with no issues. And even though it came recommended by a close associate that had already done so, I stress tested it and it was OK,

Similarly, the FAB Pro L2 has always seemed to work fine (again not used all that often).

Current Windows 10 Pro build and current WL 11.2 version.

I sort of skipped WL10 largely staying with 9.5 until 11 so can’t really talk about how these worked with that version.

Maybe it is something to do with the plugin install? I only installed VST3 64 bit and uncheck all the other otions.

Thanks for the info.