Certificate of eLicenser download site invalid


some days ago I posted this question in the Cubase forum, but without response.

I wanted to download the latest version of the eLicenser software and my browser told me that there is an issue with the validity of the certificate of the site. I added the certificate to the exeption list, but I am wondering, why this happened.

I am working in the IT industry and usually you do not accept any certificates without correct validity … So any explanation for that? Have other users made the same or similar experience?

Thanks a lot!

I found the reason for this issue, but nevertheless I am confused.

I am using an antivirus software, which play “man-in-the-middle”. So if I try to open the Steinberg website I get an error message on an untrusted certificate. That’s what I found in some communities.

But what me still confuses: I am experiencing this issue only with the Steinberg site…