Chainers, eh? Anybody using them - recommendations?

Hi -

I’ve never heard of chainers until recently, those things that apparently virtually give us more than eight insert slots.

Reading a bit, I see that some chainers have problems in Cubase, some don’t let certain plugins cohabit within them, etc.

Can we make this a chainer recommendation thread? Do you use them? Any issues with the ones you use?


PS: Does the chainer put the additional plugs on the same core as the plugins on the “native” eight slots? I guess that could be a downside, in terms of performance … ?

Metaplugin by DDMF has very flexible routing options to create all sorts of crazy effects chains…

Their plugins are great too (much better than Cubase native ones)

Thanks, OF!

Looks a little complicated, but I’m sure it becomes routine after a while. I’ll look again, I didn’t see a trial.

Since making the OP, I got to thinking … I’ve heard that Cubase loads all the plug-ins for a track onto a single core. If I start chaining them, I wonder if they would still be allocated to that single core, potentially causing performance issues.

Do you (or anyone) know anything about that? I guess that’s just theory, and in practice it all works fine … (?).

Thanks again for pointing it out, OF!