Chaining a second MR816


I own a Steinberg MR816 CSX, and i need to add a second one. Do i need to buy another identical CSX model, or it is ok with the normal X model? If it is the latter, then would i have the DSP effects in all the channels, or only in the first 8 channels? I am a total novice in this kind of stuff, i read the manual but i could not find this info.

BTW, i read somewhere that i can chain an ADAT converter instead of buying a second MR816, as the dsp effects would not work with the chained unit… i guess this could save me some money, but i do not know this kind of gear so would anybody recommend one… and clarify a little bit the options available for this?

Any ADAT device will work with your MR. Just connect via ADAT in/out and you’ll have 16 channels available from your main MR. I’m pretty sure the rev-x will still work on your added 8 channels as it’s only being used as a send, the channel strips might have an 8 channel limit.


I’ve got an MR816 CSX, and have a chance to get an MR 816 X. Question: do my monitor outs increase from 8 [from unit 1] to 16 [unit 2]? Also, I have 2 ADATs. Can I lightpipe from each ADAT into each MR unit? In other words, could I conceiveably get 32 inputs from 2 MR units and 2 ADATs lightpiped in?

Anybody out there?

Yes, ins and outs increase to 16 when you chain 2. I have an 816CSX and an 816X. Can’t speak as to ADAT as I don’t use it. You will lose direct monitoring if you chain!

Yes. I have 32 analog in´s and out´s using a similar setup.

Hi AlakaLazlo (or anyone who may be able to help),

I too have an 816CSX and an 816X. I’ve daisy-chained them via firewire (exactly as described in the manual) but the 2nd unit refuses to pass audio out to any DAW. Each unit is working fine on it’s own and I can see all 32 ins and outs in both my mac audio/midi setup as well as in the DAWs (I’ve tried this w/ Pro Tools, Reaper, Garageband AND Tracks Live).

I’m running the most recent version of Tools for MR (V1.7.8).

I’ve tried different FW cables and just today went out & bought an optical cable (in case that was the problem) but nothing seems to help.

Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

Cheers from Australia.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)
OSX 10.11.6
2.9 GHz Intel Core i7
12 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Did you ever find a solution? I have the exact same setup as you, and I, too, have only one unit passing audio to my daw. I can use either unit separately and they work the same. But when I daisy chain them as you did, I do not get audio from the second one to my daw (REAPER). I do notice, however, that the MR Editor does show signal when I apply it to any channel on either of the 2 units. I am stumped… Have spent countless hours on this,… And I am thinking it’s something silly I overlook.

Hi, friend of mine was running chained 816csx & 816x for more than 5 years - with Cubase 5 - with no troubles. Then he upgraded to a fancy Allen&Heath mixer with FW, so I’ve bought 816x for my homestudio (csx is still for sale). I don’t know if he remember all the tricks, but I’ll ask him :wink:

@puke: hi, I met my friend yesterday, but I’m afraid that I don’t have any solution for you. He told me, that chaining two MR816 interfaces worked straight from the box - no extra steps whatsoever. Only issue was that sometimes inputs on the second interface were muted for no reason after booting up. But it happened only a few times.
Maybe you can try to download some Cubase trial, just for test. If it works under Cubase then you have to ask the Reaper community. Don’t take me wrong, I think that Reaper is very good software - I don’t use it only because I’m used to Cubase from my university studies and you know how it is with the old dog and a new tricks hehe.
Good luck!

Make sure you have the audio routing from the 2 units set correctly. You have to use the MR Editor software that is part of Tools. Same goes for ADAT and SPDIF inputs. If they aren’t set in the MR editor, you will see meters move in your DAW, but they won’t pass audio. Look at the Operation manual, page 33. (Not the quickstart manual!)