Chaining two VST instruments together?

I’m basically trying to do what is shown in that YouTube video. It’s a synth VSTi, and it’s being influenced by a Arpeggio VSTi. How do I set up the INs, OUTs, and channels to get it set up properly?

Right now, I have both VSTis loaded as Instruments in the rack, but I can’t figure out how to route them through one another…it’s either one or the other.

Thanks for any help. I am using Cubase 5 on Windows 7 32bit.

Of course, I don’t know which instruments you are using. Do they come with any documentation? You may need to insert the arp. as a MIDI insert (in the Channel Settings for the MIDI track going to the main instrument).

According to the text at the beggining of that video Blue Arp is a MIDI plugin, not a VSTi. So, create an instrument track with the VSTi of your choice, then go to the MIDI Insert tab and add Blue Arp to it.

Thanks for the replies.

This was what I thought as well, but, the Arpeggio VST doesn’t show up in the MIDI insert selection list. Do I have to put MIDI VSTs somewhere else for Cubase to recognize them? The Arpeggio VST shows up fine in the VSTi list.

Nope, should work in any folder you are scanning. Are you sure you have the right dll?

Something else to look at. Load up the the Arp VST inthe Rack… Make a MIDI track. Does the Arp show up as a MIDI input in the MIDI track Input dropdown?