Challenges with VSL Synchronized Solo strings and Dorico Pro

I purchased VSL Synchronized Solo Strings with “Con Sordino” samples.

I’ve downloaded and installed the playback templates & Expression Maps for such instruments, have read through the QuickStart Guide, watched the video on VSL website and after several trials, I can’t get a simple playback of one solo violin.

Anyone know what I’m missing?

I was given the impression that “everything” would work seamlessly using the score indications showing up in the techniques & dynamics panel, but nothing works.

I’m talking about :

Sustained notes, crescendo & diminuendo, staccato, con sordino, natural harmonics, tremolo, etc., which I believe are basic notations in a score.

In this example, Synchron plays a short note instead on a long one and doesn’t do the < > indicated.

Starts with:

Then something changes it to:

How do I go about solving this challenge?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Looks like you have applied the wrong playback template… ?

Yes, Celestial Strings is one of their free instruments, and not typical of their mainline instruments in its use of keyswitches.

I don’t think there is an expression map set for the full Synchronized Solo Strings product, but the Special Edition maps might get you started at least.

There definitely is a Playback template for the synchronized solo strings, i’ve been using it for months :wink:

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Hi. Sorry, don’t know why the Synchron screenshot shows Celestial Strings, which I know is the free instrument.
The settings shown in both shots are from the Solo Strings.
I know now that VSL has expression maps and templates for the basic presets.
I guess I’ll need to create a new preset that has all the articulations, etc. I need (regular and con sordino) solo strings, and edit/include in the EM what’s missing, unless I’m missing something that would be much simpler to achieve what I need.
I know VSL Synchron is to be used as one player only. It’s different than Halion, where you can have up to 16 different instruments, all assigned to different players.
I’m confused right now…to be continued I guess.