Chameleon Auto Sample Won’t Work in Cubasis 3

Hi Lars,
I have Chameleon Sampler (AUv3) by 4Pockets.
Selecting Chameleon as an audio effect unit in Cubasis has a feature called Auto Sample which allows you to set a number of single notes that are then routed directly to whatever synth app is using this effects unit.
These selected notes are then played directly into the synth and recorded separately and automatically into Chameleon which are then allocated to the correct keys to be played back when using Chameleon as a AUv3 instrument.
Unfortunately Auto Sample does not work in Cubasis, but it does work perfectly in AUM.
According to Paul the Musicman, this is possibly a midi routing problem within Cubasis.
Inside Chameleon there is a link setting which allows me to select which app is to be recorded, but this still does not rout Chameleon midi out to my selected synth app.
Is this something you could check out for me because I want to use Auto Sample to fast record sample sets, but I don’t want to have to purchase AUM to achieve this.

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Hi @fixitmania53

I suggest getting in touch with 4Pockets.
We’re at had to exchange with them, if required.