Chance to get Soundtoys plugins FREE for life

Soundtoys are giving ‘PrimalTap’ for free now until Match 28. You may follow the link below with my code to get it free and register your own code which stands you for a chance to get plugged-in for life. Yes, chance for getting all their plugins free for life, now as well as future.

And primal delay is 64 bit which works with Cubase 64bit :smiley:


Hurry only 3 days left

“each person you sign up with your code, gets you closer to earning more free stuff”. Right.

Yes. But the primal tap plug is free for all with a code. To get a code is must. So if you use mine, you helped me. However, the winners are selected with more referrals using their code. So, I am already out, I don’t think anyone used my code. :frowning:

If you use, thank you.

Oh yes, and 50 people gets free updates, then I don’t remember, but 2 more awards with bunch of plugins and free update, then one final person gets all their plugins for free now as well as future for whole life.