Chanel missing after joining files

Recording with Sound Devices 744T I get files like T230_1.wav being the left chanel and T230_2.wav being the right chanel. When I select both wav files Wavelab assumes _1 is left and _2 is right. Opening T231_1 and T231_2 goes the same way. Then I select the entire file T231 by using ctrl A and ctrl C. After this I paste the selection to the end of T230. So far so good. But when I save this new file, the right chanel of the pasted T231 is missing. What’s wrong? My files are 24 bit 9600 KHz and are about 25 minutes long.


I think 1 is left and 2 is right in most app’s ?

try insert wav in a Montage and go to Track most left
and click on Lf : Rf this opens up the “Audio Track Dispatching”

now change L and R channels reverse them

then save new audio file in the Master Section / Render

hope it helps

regards S-EH

Sorry in the Master Section / Render
check File Format

I didn’t read your message right the first time sorry !

regards S-EH

Thanks, but my problem is not that I want to swap chanels. I simply want to paste one file of 25 minutes audio to the end of another file of 25 minutes audio. After pasting everything looks okay, but after saving the entire file the right chanel of the pasted file is missing. So I end up with the left chanel correctly pasted and silence in the right chanel after 25 minutes. Is this because my 744T recorder writes L and R chanel in two files? My work around is to first save both files to a stereo wav file and then paste one to the other, but this takes more time. Maybe this is the only thing I can do, but I haven’t had this problem before.

I do seem to remember a similar report in the earlier days of v7, but I haven’t been able to find the thread. What version have you updated to?

This is the thread I was thinking of. It’s not quite the same, but close enough that it feels related to me. As that report is for the current version (v7.1.1), you’ll have to see if it’s fixed in v7.2, which is expected any time now.


This sounds related to a bug that is corrected in the upcoming WaveLab 7.2.

Thanks to all of you!
I hope Wavelab 7.2 is comming soon.