Change 5-line to one-line of a bass drum

I don’t find how to change my Bass drum (5-line to one line) . It was created with hallion sound and I changed in Play mode to kontakt vst. So I just want to change the aspect of the sheet without to affect the sound.
Is it possible or must I add new instrument and use change instrument that I want to avoid
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Is your bass drum a percussion kit that’s set to appear as a 5-line staff in this layout? You can tell it’s a kit if in Setup mode, the instrument label is green. Or if this was an XML import or similar, is it definitely a bass drum - it may have been imported as a different type of instrument.

Hello Lillie,
Thanks for your answer. Yes the label is green and I have the option to edit the percussion kit. Possibility to revert it to single line like when it’s grey?
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You could change the kit presentation so it appears as a single-line instrument (as per my previous link), or you could remove the bass drum from the kit so it’s just a standalone instrument anyway.

Thanks Lillie,
I keep your answer for a next time when I have time to study
Your fisrt solution gave me a lot of extra single line in the score and the second solution leave the five line but delete the notes in the part…so finally I rewrite the passge in a new intrument
(p.s You were right it’s a xml import from sibelius)
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It should remove the selected instrument but leave that instrument in the project, as another instrument held by that player. E.g. like this, after I removed the kick drum from the kit:


Hello Lillie;
Your will to help others is endless: thank you very much!
I understood my mistake: as I was in a hurry to remove the bass drum from the kit, I made “delete” and not click on the remove icon .
You master very very well Dorico: a chance for us :slightly_smiling_face:
best regards

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Those are very kind words, thank you - I’m pleased to hear all is well!