change a Bb trumpet part key signature from F# to Gb


Please, anyone knows how to change a Bb trumpet part key signature from F# to Gb? The concert score is written in E.

I get that result if I write Fb as key signature in the concert score, but it is not what I want in the piano part, etc.


Hmmm. For what it’s worth, I did an arrangement in B major, and the Bb trumpet parts automatically showed as Db major, without me doing anything. But just now I transposed it to E, and the trumpets showed up as F# major. So I don’t have an answer, sorry…

In the full score, click on the first note or rest in the trumpet part, type shift-K to invoke the key signature popover, type Fb, and then type Alt-Enter. This will change the key signature of just the trumpet part.

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I don’t think Howard’s tip will help either, unfortunately, because you can’t create a key signature that is confined to a single layout (it will appear everywhere, even if you create it with Alt+Enter) and in any case you can only currently specify the key signature in terms of the concert/sounding pitch, so you would have to specify E major again, and you’d still get F# major.

I’m afraid to say I don’t think there’s a good solution for this at the moment. I think you’ll end up having to export your trumpet layout as a separate file and then transpose it up by a diminished second to change everything from F# major to Gb major.

I had a similar problem with regard to Gb/F# and guitartists

In a post I made I wrote…

I am writing a piece which is in Gb major. I have written the guitar part as normal but through experience of working with guitarists; many if not most, prefer to read sharp keys instead of flats. I have copied the guitar part, created a new F# maj key sig just for that part (using Shift K then 5#, Alt enter) and changed the notes (using transpose by dim 2nd and unflagging 'Keep relative respelled…).

There may be some steps here to give you ideas…not sure it would work 100% though.

How about duplicating the trumpet player and having one show in the part and another show in the score?

Hello Daniel,

Thank you so much for your message. Somehow hamhm3’s tip worked on my system. I show you what I could accomplish, maybe my question wasn’t clear.

This is the instrumentation:

This is what the logical default writes:

And this is my friend’s request fulfilled

Thank you to you, Topdots, and Pianoleo, for all your support.

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