Change a fixed tempo in recorded audio

Hi, in CuBase Pro 11 I try to change the fixed tempo of the whole project. I recorded audio tracks and I want all these audio tracks a little faster. I could not find the answer in the manual or in other topics.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can either stretch all the audio by using the Object Selection Tool with Time Stretch, or you can enable the Musical Mode and change the tempo of the project.

Hi Martin, thanx for your answer. I tried the Musical Mode in the Audio - Sample Editor. When I change the tempo everything gets out of sync, it doesn’t match with the metronome anymore.
I could not find the Object Selection Tool. I am not a very expirienced user op CuBase. I succeeded in changing the tempo (bpm) in an audio project once, but forgot how I did it.


Was it in sync with the tempo (with the Click) after you enabled the Musical Mode?

This is the main/arrow tool in Cubase. If you click on the tool, you can get Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool.

Hi @Paul_de_Ridder

You need to set the musical mode for every audio file in the project.
Maybe this video can help you to get a better understanding: