Change a midi part to follow a tempo track?

Its a weird situation…but can u adjust a midi part to fit the tempo track? Basically I have an entire project setup and decided to experiment with a different drum beat. I kinda freestyled the drum beat so the tempo is off…can I easily just change its tempo to fit the tempo track? Obviously quantizing is not what I want to do.


You could try this using Merge Tempo From Tapping, but there are also other ways (like recording your tapping).

The principle
Given: A midi track with midi notes that are out of line with the grid.
By using a bassline (regular sized notes), generate tempo map.

The process

  1. create a new midi track and copy the source midi part to it.
  2. on the new midi part remove chordal notes so that it appears as a bassline (Choose the size of note that best represent the general note lengths)
  3. set both tracks to linear mode
  4. select the new part and do MIDI>Functions>Merge tempo from tapping.
  5. set tracks back to musical mode
  6. remove time events in the Tempo track editor

But Mr Staples is pretty much on the ball there.

Don’t forget to delete the tempo track you generate if you use Merge Tempo From Tapping as once it has created the tempo track it’s not needed any more and all your midi will then follow the tempo variations anyway. It’s a mistake I made early on using that by thinking everything would then line up with the “tap” track. It doesn’t.

I appreciate you’re probably new to Cubase or at least the most recent v5/6. If you are then my advice would be to bury your head in that manual for a month or so. It would save you loads of time as coming here for anything but the odd quick fix would be counter productive for you.

Wow that sounds pretty cool I’ll definitely try that. I decided to go another route with the project but I appreciate the advise and will refer back to this if Im in the same situation again!

Ive been on Cubase since SX3 and I’d love to actually have a hard copy of the manual but there’s no way I’m gonna print that thing out. I’m not too into flipping thru the pdf version either unless I know what Im looking for.

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