Change a track parameter for all or a selection of tracks

Is it possible to change a certain track parameter in the Inspector for all or a selection of tracks?

Example: I want to change the channel setting to “any” for all the tracks in the project.

It’s possible. Select some tracks, then hold Alt + Shift while changing a parameter. The same change will be applied to all selected tracks.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. Tried other combinations (ctrl + shift, ctrl + alt), but didn’t work either.

You have to hold alt first, then shift.

That’s what I did (I also tried shift first, then alt, just to make sure).

I first selected a random track (click). Then with shift + click selected a range of tracks. In the inspector that was showing (which belongs to the first track) I made a channel change (holding alt + shift). The change was only effected for the first track, not in any of the other selected tracks. So alt + shift doesn’t seem to work.

Your signature says Cubase elements 9.5, but you’ re posting in the Cubae 8 forums. So maybe first tell us what software you are using, then which “channel change” you did.

I can confirm that in latest 9.5 I cannot get SHIFT+ALT or ALT+SHIFT to change multiple selected track options in the inspector. This may be a bug unless someone can confirm they have a way to do it properly.

I confirm that some features don’t react to that key combination Alt+Shift (which actually switch Q-Link On temporarily) and no matter which pressed first. For example “time base” and “lock” buttons in Inspector don’t react - switching button only for first of selected tracks. It seems that this is bug.

Also in selection windows (dark, Steinberg made) like Output Routing for MIDI track you should hold the key combination all time until you select an item from that list. And if you will look stronger, there are hints in yellow - “(all selected with <Shift + Alt + Click>)”. This works also in Program Selector. This key combination will not work in selection lists made by Windows - like “Drum Maps”.

We can talk about “feature request” let they know that some users want to specify parameters in all selection lists.

I tested this in Cubase Pro 9.5 and it seems that there is no difference in User Interface.

I am confirming neither cubase 9 or 9.5 for me cannot use the ALT+SHIFT inspector shortcut for multiple tracks.

This functions works perfectly on 6.5, 7.5, 8.0, and 8.5 on my machine.

FOUND THE FIX…on the preferences page for “Editing->Project & MixConsole” the setting “Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole” must be checked or the Qlink function does not work in the project window while selecting multiple tracks with the SHIFT+ALT shortcut.

This does not need QLink, and it does work correctly, so you should have a look to see what’s screwing it up on your system. Maybe you configured alt-shift in Editing - Tools modifiers, or elsewhere in your system.

This appears to be about Cubase 9 and or 9.5. TavernSenses, Please post in the correct forum in the future. I’ll move it.

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