Change album art image (meta data) with batch processor


I hope someone can help me:
I would like to replace the album art image of all selected files at once with the batch processor, without affecting any of the other meta data.
Is this possible and if yes, how?

There is no batch action to do this.

Wow, didn´t expect that. Have to re-render now manually hundreds of files…

Or you can look for a metadata tagging or editing app. There are many free/cheap ones depending if you’re on Mac or PC. Just use The Google.

Also, are you trying to do this for WAV or mp3 files? Or something else?

Thanks Justin, I´m already searching for alternatives!
Both, wav and mp3.

Have to re-render now manually hundreds of files

Why manually? Why not using the batch processor, which can add the desired metadata?

But this was exactly my question in the first post?!
Now I am confused :smiley:

Your original request is about “to replace the album art image”. It is not possible to replace the image and leave the rest of the metadata. But if you want to assign some complete new metadata, including a picture, this is possible.