change all levels at once?

how do i “cntrlA” the mixer window to grab all the faders at once and move them together?

Select all the tracks in MixConsole/press Q-Link button on the toolbar. You can make the change more permanent by pressing Link/ and following the prompts.

What ^^ Said , but if you need a lil more info, Here ya go…

Cubase 7 Tutorials - MixConsole

Hi sunkingzx,

a quick shortcut is to hold ‘Alt + Shift’ while moving the fader. Every selected channel in the mixer will slide accordingly.


thanks every 1 !!!

how do i unlink all the channels now,

Press the button again. :smiley:

But is there an kc to select all the channels?

umm. ‘kc’? sorry

Watch the video I put in the link, I even have it to start at the point where it tells you the “Key Commands”/ Shortcuts to do what you are asking… :nerd:

Ok. I was thinking ‘KC and the Sunshine Band’.
Key Commands - right. :blush:
select a track and Ctrl arrow to select adjacent tracks.
To select a range of tracks: Select the first track and Shift, Select the last track. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that…
But it would be very useful to have just a kc like: Select all the tracks… :wink:

Hi everyone,

Is there a way, if i have all my tracks panned differently and at different volumes reset all tracks to center and to zero the out easily?

That’s the Way I Like It

This would be called ‘normaling’. The only way I know of doing this, is to load a mixer setting that you have previously stored. Anyone know of any other way?

Ctrl A?

Q-link is broke…any fixes planned…I’m amazed that cubase dropped the ball on this one, q-link is not a smart idea, u could have come up with a better way to this steinberg