Change "All MIDI Inputs" to a specific channel?

Hey everyone.

I own a Korg PadKontrol.

I can assign each of the 16 pads to a different MIDI channel.
The default is 10, as seen here:

Whenever you open a new MIDI track, by default it receives from All MIDI Inputs.

What I want to do:
Set track A to receive from 1 only, track B from 2 only, and then assign different pads on the PadKontrol to different channels (1 or 2).
This way, even if the MIDI tracks are linked together, some pads on the PadKontrol will only send to their one corresponding MIDI track.

Right now, if I link the 2 midi channels, they play simultaneously.


“All MIDI inputs” refers to MIDI ports. MIDI Channels refer to MIDI tracks or instruments. To have a MIDI track receive only from a certain MIDI Channel, you need to use the input transformer. Explained many times here on the forums.

Thanks thinkingcap.

I’ve read the source thread of this image:

It seems I don’t have a “filter” function (lower part of the image), only delete/transform/insert/insert exclusive.

Maybe insert exclusive is what I’m looking for…

There is the “input transformer” and there is the “transformer insert”. You are talking about the “transformer insert”, I am talking about the “input transformer”
The input transformer is in the inspector of the MIDI track top right.

Found it, thanks a lot!

This can also be done with the input transformer, by filtering specific notes.

Thanks again.