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OK, first of many dumb questions as I feel my way around this program: Wavelab Pro 11 - how do I change all the pause/gap lengths in a montage or CD at once. The program seems to put in 2 sec pauses between clips in a montage, and the only way I seem to be able to change them is one…at…a…time - I’m sure I’m missing something, so how do you just globally change them all to 1 or 0 or whatever?


In the WaveLab Preferences, you can determine what the default spacing between clips is for new Audio Montages. You may want to find that. I set mine to 0 seconds (instead of 2 seconds) and set the song spacing by ear/feel manually.

For existing montages, you can use the “Align Clips” option (see attached) and for dramatic effect, I added 6 seconds between clips using the settings also attached.

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This is the setting in the Preferences. You need to have a montage open to access it.

It’s been so long, I can’t remember if this is global or if you have to save a new Audio Montage template with this setting chosen but I think it may be global.

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That’s most helpful! I’d seen the default spacing in active montages, but it seemed the only way to get that to stick was to create a template with that setting - the Align Clips is much more sensible, and I think will do what I need for now.


Maybe that option in the Preferences only holds true for when you save that as a default template.

I always start new Audio Montages from a certain template so this defaults to 0 seconds and then I fine tune by feel/ear.

If a client asks for specific changes such as adding 1 second after this song, or removing 2 seconds between these two songs, I find that manually typing the new “Start” time for that clip in the Clip Tab is most precise vs. dragging…assuming you have Global Ripple Edit mode on.

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Good suggestions above also possible
to change with the “CD Wizard”

regards S-EH

That’s correct. You have to save the template for it to stick around, and then work from that template. I work from a version of your templates but with a gap, mostly because it looks less messy/ambiguous to me with the gaps, and I’m going to change them anyway.

@richb, if you want to alter/save templates, the easy way is to create a new montage (control/command+n, by default I believe), go to create one from an existing template, and then click “Explore” (wording might be different on Mac), which will open the template directory in Explorer/Finder. Copy the path, switch back to WL, make your edits or create your template, and then save it with a meaningful name in that directory that you copied.

The alternative is to change that setting after you create the montage but before you import clips, which seems repetitive and annoying.

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I didn’t mention the CD Wizard because that has much more settings to think about and also, it seems more geared towards makers vs. actually moving clips.

That being said, hopefully the CD Wizard was already used to generate the markers so that they are all bound to each clip and the markers move along with the clips when moved.

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Yes exactly - align clips allows re-gapping without destroying your existing track markers.

The CD Wizard allows changing pauses without changing CD tracks.