Change 'Alt' Selection Tool?

Hi there.

Another noobie question please.

As I’m learning more and more, I’m beginning to see little things that I’d like to tweak here and there. I’ve searched for a couple of days on this one.

I like using the Smart Selection Tool. Great workflow. However, when I push the ‘Alt’ key, the tool changes to the draw (pencil) tool. Is there a way to change that behavior to the split (scissors) tool?


Use keys 1-9 too quickly change tools. Hit number one multiple times to change the pointier from time stretching to regular.

Yeah… I know how to do that… was just asking if there was a way to change the ‘alt’ behavior…
Thanks for responding!


Doesn’t it already work the way you requested? Hover over an event you get the cut tool, (granted this is not the scissors tool) outside the event you get the pencil tool.