Change appearance of "Full Score"

Hi, apologies if it’s a dumb question, but why does the “layout name” appearance in the paragraph styles does not affect the layout name in the full score and only affects the parts?

In the parts I see the correct boxed text, in the full score layout (which I called “Score in C”), it does not.

The font that you use for the layout name (at top-left) needs to be Layout name. Perhaps you are not using this font in the Page Template or manual override. Keep in mind that the page templates for Full Score and Parts are likely to be different and you need to have them both using that font.

Do you know how to check this? If not, upload a small version of the project and someone will tell you.

The default Full Score layout doesn’t have a layout name by default, so you’ve added that text frame and text. You need to make sure that the token (assuming it’s a token) is using the correct Paragraph Style in your Page Template (assuming you modified the template, not the page!).

Thanks for your help, much appreciated…but I’m a bit lost (I guess I am not so familiar with how Dorico works as I can only use it occasionally and haven’t made the “switch” yet).

All I want is to be able to change the “Full Score” or “Score in C” appearance so it matches the one for parts:
Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 11.52.59

However you have added the Score in C text, just make sure it uses the Layout Name paragraph style…

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Did you name the score “Score in C” in the right hand column of Setup mode(where the default name is “Full Score”)? Or did you go into Engrave mode and change it manually on the page? If the latter, then Janus’s advice above is correct, but if the former (and this is the way you should do it) then I think it should just work - you may need to remove a page override (check on the top RH panel in Engrave mode for a little red triangle in the corner of the first page).

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It is the former. I changed the name in setup mode

As a bonus tip: there is now a layout transposition token in Dorico that automatically resolves to show either “Concert Pitch” or “Transposing Pitch” according to the layout’s transposition.

If you want to override the text that gets displayed by this token, you can override it on a per-layout basis:

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Thanks, this was the culprit. I had used the existing frame where the “lyricist” token was used, and it stayed that way. Many thanks!

As a side note…can you point me to a tutorial where I can find some further explanation of how to create text frames for the various elements of a “normal” score - like subtitle, copyright, dedication etc etc? I’m finding it quite fiddly to do manually and I’m never sure the frames I have created are perfectly aligned and of the desires size…I guess I’m still used to the Sibelius way of dealing with these elements and I need a bit of help getting my head around this. Thanks!

Frame dimensions and position are shown in the Properties Panel, so one can position them precisely by the numbers.

Once one had fiddled one’s way through creating a template to show additional fields, one can save the templates in a set capable of being loaded into future projects.

John Barron did a Discover Dorico session on this topic - because this sort of stuff can be highly varied, and what to do entirely depends on what you want specifically, this sort of use-case example should help you see the tools in action. You can then apply them to your own situation as required.

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Thanks a lot!

Apologies for the dumb question, but how do I select the text that is inside a frame that also might be overlapping another one ? I can’t seem to be able to do it, and always end up selecting the text oin the wrong frame

Select the edge of the frame you want to edit, then press Return.

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Thanks, I meant how do I do that if the frames overlap and it’s impossible to select one that is covered by another one

Select the one that’s covering the other one by clicking on its edge somewhere (you have to be in Engrave Mode). Once the edge turns Bold and you see the little square dragging handles, drag a handle somewhere so that the hidden frame is revealed. Now you can click on That one and edit it.

Just drag the various edges of the various boxes around til you get the layout looking the way you want it to. (Be sure to click on the edge, not in the interior,)