Change audio files location from Pool?


Is there an easy technique to import audio files to audio folder of a session from the Pool window so that they are all contained in one location ? I know a way is to backup the entire session in a new folder. That will import/copy every files in the pool to a single new location.
But imagine all files are from the audio folder already and you just have 10 files you’d like to import to that local audio folder without copying everything, deleting previous session etc ? one or 2 files I could do it manually… but not more than that.
I tried “convert” thinking it would create a local copy of the converted file and I think I “damaged” my original files doing so :stuck_out_tongue:

“Prepare Archive” might be what you’re looking for.
Right click in Pool area.


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You just use the Import Button in the Pool.

It will allow you to select multiple files and they will be imported.

(Or maybe there is something I didn’t understand about your question).

I assume that we are talking about files that are part of the current project (i.e. already in use), but are stored in a different location (e.g. an external hard drive)?

Then I would also recommend “Prepare Archive”. This function ensures that every clip referenced in the project is in the project folder. However, the copied audio files also persist in their original location. (Each copied file exists twice.) If disk space is limited, this can sometimes be an obstacle.

Another solution: close the project and then copy the files to the audio folder of the project. Then open the project. Now Nuendo complains that it can’t find the files. Let it search for the files and you’re done. But this is not very elegant.

But maybe I misunderstood your question.


That’s what I do on almost every project-- and each time I do, I wish there were a simple function to move files from one place to another.

Agreed on the inelegance. And if there’s a better way of doing it I haven’t found it yet!


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mm but this is when you want to import audio that is not in your session.
Yes i’m talking about having audio in your session already but spread around different folders that you want to centralize.

good that’s exactly what I want ! i’ll try that see if wokrs all the way thanks.

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Actually this is perfect. The archive removed all references to the “remote” files and copied all into the “local” nuendo session. If space is an issue, delete the remote copy. It’s no longer referenced. Steinberg should reconsider the Archive name. This function has more usefulness than archiving. For instance, consolidating all of the files, clip packages in a library pool into a single location.