Change audio in pool and affect all in project


Could not find any question regarding this.

I have a kick sample (audio) that I have put out in my project. I use this instead of sample track or groove agent just because I want to be able to change the length of that kick depending on where I am in the song. (see attached picture).

But what if I would like to change the kick in the middle of the project. Is it possible to change the kick sample in pool window so that all my kick samples in project also changes? (It would be awesome to be able to audition different kicks in a easy way just like in logic, or when changing samples in groove agent for example).


Depending on what exactly you mean by „in the middle of a project“:
–drag the new file you want from the pool
–place the mouse cursor on the file you want to replace in the project window.
-hold [shift] and drop the file