Change auto-placement order of score elements

how can i easily change the automatic placement order of for example tempo indication (Allegro) vs. System-Text (TRIO).
The system text automatically goes below the tempo, but i want the TRIO to stay above all

Same with rehearsal marks vs. repeat endings — i want the rehearsal mark to show above the bracketet 1.

I know i can change that in Engrave mode, but is there a kind of “swap places” function?

To illustrate:

Is Engrave Mode the only way to do it…?

You may find options within Engraving Options that influence Dorico’s decision-making in a way that benefits you.

Otherwise, Engrave mode is the only way.

Ah, ok, i thought i looked it all through… do you know in which section of the options?

OK, and now I’ve looked through it all (Text, Rehearsal Marks, Repeat Endings) and the answer is that by default Dorico will always put text (all text, not just system text) underneath tempo marks, and will always put Rehearsal Marks under repeat endings.

Engrave mode is the only way.