change bak file save location

Is there a way to change where Cubase saves the bak files to? It really doesn’t make any sense that it just dumps them into my project folder (and not, at least, into a subfolder). It makes a mess of an otherwise organized folder structure.

You are right. A Bak Files Directory folder location in the Preferences will be great!!

Noooo, that would just be another place to backup, they really do no harm were they are now.

Not really, if you have the option to change it or not. You can keep as it is now or you can have a Bak folder (linke in PT) to have a more clean Project folder.

It sort of does a great deal of harm by wasting time and making a wreck of what needs to be an organized folder structure. If I need to find a specific version of a file, say, TDK_1M3_Intro_v3…out of maybe 5 revisions, the last thing I want to do is dig through a good 30 bak files that I’ll likely never use because I’ve got backblaze and timemachine anyways.

On the other hand, it does you no harm for there to be a sense of organization to things.