change bar number

Sorry I can not find a way to change the bar numbers.
Any help welcome :slight_smile:

I believe you click on the bar line, it turns orange, right click the bar line. From the sub menu Bar number change, open the dialogue. That should help you get started.


Thank you Robby, super!

Is there a way to hide the bar number change in all parts? I can only do it in individual parts

No, you have to hide them individually via properties in each layout at present.

Is there an easy way to exclude a bar from the numbering scheme? I’m thinking of 1st and 2nd endings when they’re implemented but sometimes it would be handy now.

That is one of the options in the “Add bar number change” dialog.

Thank you! I was just suppressing the number, which doesn’t change the numbering. I also have to get used to working on the barline before the affected bar. In Finale it’s the barline after it.

For some reason, choosing “Add bar number change” does not open a dialogue here. I have tried with several barlines in the score and with other items too. What am I doing wrong? (What I want is the first bar of a single flow project to be numbered 169.)

Don’t click on the barline, click on the white space in the stave to select the whole bar and THEN right-click and select bar number change from the menu.
This only works in Write mode.

Thank you very much!

Hello I’m still struggling to change bar numbers.
I did what you said, but no dialog box…
What do I do wrong?
I Use Dorico Version 1.1

What about the Bar numbers menu, just under the first line showing on the list ?

Cyrdup, add a note in that bar, then select that. It won’t work with a bar rest selected (unless it is an explicit bar rest, which in this case I suspect it is not).

Thank you very much!!
It worked just fine :slight_smile:
And thanks for Dorico!
I’m a big fan :wink: