Change beaming without changing metre

Often in hybrid metres, 7/8 for example, the subdivision can change throughout the piece, but everything is still in 7/8. I know I can manually beam everything by using force duration and edit beaming from the right click menu. But with a large ensemble and a long piece this gets extremely tedious and difficult to manage.

Another option is to use hidden time signatures which solve the beaming problem, but also result in multirests being unnecessarily broken in other parts.

I’m wondering what the best solution is. Or if this is something that will be addressed in version three.

You can use alt-enter to create a time signature on one staff only; that way it shouldn’t break multirests in other parts. With shift-M, you can use [2+2+3]/8 to create a 7/8 time signature with your desired beaming; if you hide it, then you can copy it wherever you need that particular beaming pattern.

Didn’t think of that. That can certainly work until the team comes up with a better solution. It’s still tedious, but easily the least tedious of the available options.