Change bpm for midi

Hi all!
This might be a stupid question, but I’ve been searching the web and reading the manual and still havent found the answer.

So, I have a midi-file which is 142 bpm. I want it to be slower, because my beat is in 86bpm. If I just import the midi from Media Bay, it doesnt sound good because since the midi was originally recorded in 142bpm it is useless for me when using it in 86bpm.

I guess I can sit and try to put the midi notes one by one until it sounds decent, but its not very good way to do it, especially since it might be a midi with many notes spread over a few bars.

Do anyone have an idea in how I could work my way around this issue?

How does that MIDI File sound if you play it at twice the 86 BPM tempo (172 BPM)?
If it sounds usable, then it is easy to stretch (or rather, in this case, shrink :wink: ) the MIDI Part(s) to fit your original 86 BPM (use the Select tool in Stretch mode, and drag the Part end boundaries to make the Parts half their current length).

Ofcourse… Didnt even think about it:) Thanks!

Lookup keywords “hitpoints” and “slicing” and “warp” in the Operation Manual.