Change chord diagram for entire layout or flow?

The default chord diagrams for Ukulele are very poorly chosen in my view - particularly F & Bb (defaults being pretty un-manageable for beginners when very simple alternatives exist), so I find myself having to change every instance in an arrangement, tedious and time consuming as I cannot see a way to change every instance in one process. Is this possible?

I hope Dorico 4 is going to have some improvements on chord diagrams - particularly the ability to build one’s own library and set defaults. Both Guitar Pro and MuseScore are way ahead on this function.

Dorico 3.5 already has the abilities you’re looking for, as far as I’m aware: Edit Chord Diagrams dialog

Edit the existing shapes and save as default.

Ah…following your link I see it is a Pro feature only. That’d be why then…very basic editing and no sensible cataloguing in Elements.