Change chord symbol size for one part only

Is it possible to change the chord symbol size en masse for one part only? I know how to change it by default for all parts in the font options of the library, but there is only one part that I need to do this for.

I also know that I can go and manually adjust all the chord symbols for that part with the scale, but… well a little tedious. :smiley:

Hmm? :thinking: Couldn’t you just use “select more” or some other filtering method and then adjust to taste?


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If scaling is good enough, you can do it with just a few keystrokes/clicks: Select the 1st, ctrl-click the last, ctrl-shift-A (select more), set the scale. Done.

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So yes, as one off operations, these are fine. However, if I then go and change the music at all, then have to go and do the same thing each time. Whereas it would be nice to be able to have the override set on the part, and then that can be part of my permanent template.