Change Clef for Concert pitch

Hello Doricans,
One small problem;
I have a project that I started with a MusicXML import. Something with the import hadn’t gone quite right with the baritone and bass (display and print in the wrong octave)
To fix this I made new players baritone and bass and copied the parts to them. I deleted the existing parts and almost everything works fine now.
I now want to change for the baritone the treble clef for concert pitch to the bass clef. This won’t work.
I do can change the clefs for all parts, but not for the baritone and bass. (which I created later)
Anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance,

There is an Expression Map setting to transpose down an octave, or one can change the transposition inside some VST’s (like HALion).


Hi Derrek,
Thank you for your response.

I don’t want to transpose, just change the clef.
For baritone sax and other low instruments I always use a bass clef in concert pitch.
This is much easier to read because fewer ledger lines are needed.
See the clef for the tenor saxophone in the printscreen.
The problem is that I can change that for all instruments, but not for bariton and bass.


If an imported instrument has been correctly matched with an existing Dorico instrument definition (e.g. one that you can find in the instrument picker in Setup mode), you shouldn’t be able to select the clef at the start of the flow - it’s just the default clef. You can still replace that clef by selecting the desired clef in the right panel of Write mode and dropping it onto the page, or by invoking the caret or selecting something at the start of the flow and typing Shift-C bass Enter (or whatever clef you want).

It may be that you want an instrument that automatically shows as bass clef in the concert score and treble clef in the part, in which case it’s often quicker to change the instrument from the left panel of Setup mode - various saxes have different flavours in the instrument picker for this exact purpose.

If the instrument definition doesn’t exist in the instrument picker, you can add a clef (as explained earlier), then either use its properties for showing only in concert pitch or transposed pitch, or right-click > Clefs > Transposed Pitch > whatever, which allows a single clef to act differently dependent on whether the layout is concert pitch or transposed pitch.

Hi Pianoleo,

Thanks, you gave me a push in the right direction.

The problem was that I couldn’t select the clef, so I couldn’t set in the context menu which clef I wanted to use in concert or transposed pitch. With the other instruments it was possible…
After I changed the clef once according to your instructions, I was able to select the clef and therefore also change it in the context menu.
This seems a bit inconsistent to me, but…

Problem solved. :smiley: