Change clef in the middle of a cue?

Hi ! Is it possible to do this? This score has a Viole de Gamba, that have a huge range. And I need to show one of his wide-ranging passages as a cue. Any way to do this?

Cheers !

The simpest way would be to use one cue that goes as far as the clef change, then a second cue from the clef change to the end of the cue (or the next clef change). Then in the properties panel, empty the text field and if necessary, specify the clefs manually.

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Can’t you just make a tiny temporary test project and try it? You do not need permission to do so.

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It’s a single 4 mesure passage that starts low and ends high.

I played with this a bit and it does not seem possible. If I try to add a clef change mid-cue, the whole cue takes on that clef. I think the best approach would be two cues with the clef set for each.

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