Change color of master channel

How can I change the color of the master channel in the mixer? I understand it is a special channel because it does not have a corresponding track in the project window. But why can’t I change the color? It is light gray which I don’t like.

If you are referring to the stereo out go to preferences-appearance-color-track type defaults-other and make your change and save it.

Thanks, but unfortunately this doesn’t work for me (C7.0.4.). Stereo Out Track is still gray :frowning:

Maybe this will help:

  1. Make “Stereo out” automation on (click W on it)
  2. On arrange page “stereo track” appear
  3. Choose a color for that track
  4. Uncheck automation

I tried that already, same problem, the track in the mixer keeps its gray color regardless of the color in the projectwindow.

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