Change color of objects ?

I’d like to color coordinate a jazz lead sheet and change the colour of the coda sign, segno, To Coda, D.S., and repeat bar lines. Is this possible? I see that you can access a “Common” area on the bottom of the app and I see a “Color” toggle but it doesn’t seem to affect the objects I select. I have been able to change lyric text color, chord colors and other direction text using this “Common” tool box but not the actual musical objects. Hell, even the bar numbers’ colors can be changed!

Please help if you have time. Screenshot attached to show other colors being used.

If the Color toggle you’ve found doesn’t work, then changing the color of the selected item isn’t supported.

Bummer man.
Thanks for the speedy reply.


the color can be adjusted!
In German, menu “Notation” “Absatzstile”
See annex.

Good point. That will work for individual paragraph styles, but not for repeat barlines.

this is correct, not for the repeat barline, but for the text you can set the color.
this may help the topic creator.