Change colour of selected events

Hi all
This has been discussed before but I seem to have missed a solution.
The problem:
When selecting an audio part in project window ,the selected part turns black, this makes drawing volume curves very difficult as the curve line seems to blend in with the background.
Is there a way of changing the black color of selection to say a light gray in order to see the volume curve being drawn?
Alternatively is there a way to change the volume curve color?
On older versions of cubase the selected part would get a border highlight and that allowed for good contrast between waveform outline and curve…alas it seems that has changed.
The part could be opened in an editor but that defeats the purpose of being able to draw quick curves in the project window.
I have tried changing preference but there does not seem to be an option to change selected part color.
What am I missing?
apologies if this has been sorted out but my failing eyesight has not found a suitable solution
thanks in advance


It’s simply not possible.
It would be nice if Steinberg rework the way selected events apearence work.
There are several flaws to the way it works now. Look at this post as well.

May be Cubase would offer a Nuendo Style apperance of selected events as an additional option- just red outline, without inverting the color at all.

+1 the inverted color is unreadable for me

  • 1, great solution!

I work with Nuendo and I prefer it´s red outline.

How is this still not a thing? I switched to Nuendo and it has caused me a lot of problems not having the selected file turn black. This seems like an imperative feature to have. I’ve wasted close to an hour looking through preferences for this but only found a bunch of opacity settings that have nothing to do with selection. Let’s goooooo!

Oh man …
So in 2022 is this still a thing???
I can’t see my fade handles when they’re black on black on a … selected part.
So here I am.
I made my own:
my fade handles are now black on a black selected audio part

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2023…Still a thing. Hopefully theres a fix in 13.